Ahoy, Maties

Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been reading  a lot lately. So much that it seems the words just flow through me and get swept away. I don’t have any place to remember all of the great books I’m reading.The fact that I have an entire month of free time during winter break gives me this idea: a space to read and think and share my thoughts with other readers.

On my first day of break, I rearranged my pretty extensive collection of books on my built-in shelves in my bedroom at home. When I moved into this house when I was seven, my parents luckily had the foresight to give me the most bookshelves in the house. Over the years, I’ve amassed a nice collection of favorites, but the vast majority of these books are still unread. I tend to view library books with a greater urgency and then save the books I own for vacations. After a few hours of sifting through the novels and alphabetizing them (for the first time ever) I found some true gems. I worked at Picador, a publishing house, last spring, and one of the best perks of the internship was getting to take home copies of their books. My bookshelves certainly bulked up as a result. I’m currently reading an Alice McDermott novel from that internship, and am working through a Roberto Bolaño novel from work as well.

My organizational craze was the first project of break. The second project was yesterday’s culinary endeavor, which resulted in five hours in the kitchen and a delicious dinner and dessert. Today I excused myself from a project because I had a party to go to–first time being social in four days, and boy, was it nice. It turns out I couldn’t go long without trying to do something productive. I read for a few hours, and then thought–it’s time.



And after! So much better.

And after! So much better.

Time to start a blog! A project that will keep me occupied for ages! So, here goes nothing. I’ll just write about the books I read, and what I think, and books I think everyone should read, and my job at the literary agency. And I’ll try to share some articles too, and maybe even recipes.

Stay tuned for my next entries on romantic novels from the ’80s that won the National Book Award, Meg Wolitzer and Alice McDermott, Bolaño, Roald Dahl, Mark Helprin….it’ll be fun!

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